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We welcome you to Angel Paths, which started in 1997 as a place for learning tarot, expanded to include a New Age shop, then had a Healing section added.. and so it went on! Now we have thousands of pages of free resources, free forums, healing centers and more. About Us.

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As well as bringing you news about developments on the site, and information about the Card of the Day, right now the ezine is running a feature called "The Power of Position" which looks at various cards in different common reading positions.

OUr next destination in the Celebrational Wheel of the Year is the Summer Solstice. Read all about its customs and traditions.

And don't miss our great  Celebration of Love section, inviting you to come and join us in a joyous salute to this most powerful of human emotions.

Order a Tarot Reading from Jan or check out our extensively range of amulets and talismans over in the Shop.

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Sign up for the free Tarot Card of the Day Ezine every weekday from Angel Paths delivered directly to your inbox. The ezine has news about the site, links to new forum threads, greetings to new Angel Paths members, commentary on the featured tarot card, and a daily affirmation.
The Big Shop:
Tarot and divination cards, tarot readings, jewellery with a spiritual theme, crystals, divination tools, angels, lazer cubes, light boxes and much more in the Angel Paths Big Shop. This is the perfect place to find unusual gifts and items for your own spiritual development.
Healing Section:
Angel Paths has a proud tradition in offering absent healing and support to its visitors. Learn about the power of colour, working with crystals and color, the Angel Paths Healing Team, and our various forums dedicated to healing, well-being, and personal development. Or ask for a little help yourself, if you are in need.
Here you can explore the contributions of regular visitors to Angel Paths - art, poetry, and articles of all sorts. Browse the forums, where a warm-hearted and friendly community discuss everything from angels to things that go bump in the night. You can ask for help in interpreting tarot readings, learn more about spiritual development, share experiences, explore healing techniques.

Tarot Section:
Here you will find a complete guide to learning, understanding and interpreting tarot cards. There are also tarot spreads, with tips about how to use different layouts and sample tarot readings. The tarot card of the day, many images of individual tarot decks, reviews of decks, articles about tarot and mystical matters in general, tarot FAQs are also included.


Click here for real tarot readings by a real person - Graham or Ellie (taught by Jan)

Tarot readings include:

General Ellipse

Looking for Love

Relationship Mirror

What Should I Do?

3-card Past Present Future

Spiritual Mandala

Where Do I Go (from here)?

The Blockbuster

"The Works" Spread

Wheel of the Year Spread

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