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Colour Harmonics Oils - handmade and highly effective

Colour Harmonic Treatment Oils have been carefully attuned by Jan so that they take on the same characteristics as the colours they are named for. There are 11 of these, each of which has specific effects according to the Chakra point it is applied to.

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A valuable all-purpose oil which restores vigour and renews vitality. It helps to break through depression, encouraging self-awareness and confidence.

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Perfect for parties! It has a fizzy, exciting energy which boosts physical energy, relieves shyness and boosts optimism. It provides great support for sufferers of M.E.

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A protective Oil. It provides an ideal answer to feelings of vulnerability and panic. It also acts as a 'buffer' for people in jobs or situations where there is conflict and contention. The Oil is often helpful when dealing with menstrual problems.

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Provides overall healing flows of energy to body and mind. It's also useful for studying, and improves concentration.

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Cleanses your body of harmful toxins, and helps you to fight infections and so on. It's easy to get to the very heart of complex problems when using this Oil.

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Inspires your imagination, and increases intuition. It also helps with tension headaches and migraine.

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Restores the body's natural balance after trauma and shock. Also provides a flow of energy which restores emotional balance and encourages self-reliance.

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The stress-reliever. This Oil combats fear and doubt, reduces anxiety and encourages hopefulness. Can relieve arthritic pain.

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Brings peace and tranquillity, is helpful to reduce restlessness and insomnia, and helps to relieve some types of body pain.

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Can help to reduce pain from arthritis, rheumatism, muscle cramps, strains and so on. It also clarifies the mind, so that information is absorbed more easily.

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Improves fortitude, spiritual strength and self-awareness. It opens the mind to new ideas and stimulates the imagination.

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Colour Harmonics recommend that colour healing should be regarded as additional to, and NOT a substitute for, conventional medical treatment. The Oils can be used with most prescribed drugs. If in doubt, contact either Colour Harmonics, or your own doctor.

Pregnant women should NOT use any product containing essential oils without first checking its suitability.

All these products are for external use only.

Do NOT use on broken, delicate or sensitive skin. Do NOT exceed the stated dose. Wipe up any spills immediately, using a damp cloth. To disperse any unwanted aroma from Oils, rub into skin for up to 2 minutes.

Keep away from the eyes.

For best results, follow the directions for application on the info sheets.

Do NOT store in direct sunlight.

Perfume and deodorant can be used with these Oils, but it is recommended that they are not applied to the same area of skin.

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