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Ideas for children suggested by children:

"These ideas were suggested by some of the younger people who've been involved previously, about how we might spread the Celebration of Love to other children"

For the environment:
Plant a tree.
Clear some litter from somewhere
Find small pebbles, wash them, varnish them, paint hearts and rainbows on them, then put them on benches, trains, buses, parks - places where people will find them (but not people's private property).
Imagine the earth with pink and purple webbing all over the world, or a network of pink lines connected by dots all over the world (the internet, but with love)

For the people around us:
Go for a walk, and for every animal you see, think of one person who is in danger and think of ways to help them
Give away music, especially your favourite love songs. Ways to do this could be to post a link on social media to your favourite love song on YouTube, or post a list of a mix ‘tape’ of love songs.
Give to charity.
Pay it forward on Facebook – for the first three people who comment on your Facebook status, you send them something nice during the year, then they repost the status and do the same, spreading a web of love around the world
Bake love-heart shaped cookies and give them to homeless people, or to loved ones
Find someone different and be nice to them, like someone of a different political party or race or religion or who supports a different football team
Make an effort to find someone isolated and lonely and give them a batch of cookies
Smile at everyone.

For our loved ones:
Finish off one project that you started for a loved one, or do some work on such a project.
Bake or cook with your children. Some recipes that are easy for children to cook might be biscuits, especially refrigerator cookies, cutting heart shapes out of sandwiches, or dipping  strawberries in melted chocolate. More advanced ideas are heart shaped fried eggs (if the cookie cutter is metal), and strawberry or rose flavoured desserts.
Paint a rainbow on your car, or put a rainbow sticker or stencil on your car (or bike, or scooter, or skateboard)
Watch your favourite love film

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