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About the Celebration of Love:
Find out here how the Celebration of Love came about in the first place. Learn a little about what this Day has done for those people who have taken part in it over the years, and think about what it might mean for you - how it might change your life, and alter the way you feel about things.
Celebration of Love 2017:
The Celebration of Love will happen this year on Sunday 9th April.  Learn about what the Moon is doing - this is important because it helps you to work out when to start your preparations.  Plan out your day, and join us in placing love at the very heart of your every thought and action.  After all -love is all you need.....
Things to Do on the Day:
Many traditions have grown up around this Celebration in the twenty years we have joined together to take part.  Find ideas here for how you might join us in spirit, sharing some of those same experiences.
Recipes Inspired by Love:
This is, hopefully, an ever growing collection of recipes of love-foods.  See what other people have already contributed, and suggest your own ideas for special dishes that warm your souls.

The Prayer to Love:
Any Prayer, when performed often enough, gathers a very particular power and energy. Here you will find the Prayer we have used for over 20 years now.  It was written for the Celebration by Saul.  We think you will agree it holds a special magick.

Children's Corner:
Ideas for things the whole family can get involved with, preparing for the big day, and throughout the Celebration itself.  There are ideas for decorations, for things to do, and for ways to express love to those all around us.

Reading tarot with Jan.
Click here for real tarot readings by a real person - Jan!

Tarot readings include:

General Ellipse

Looking for Love

Relationship Mirror

What Should I Do?

3-card Past Present Future

Spiritual Mandala

Where Do I Go (from here)?

The Blockbuster

"The Works" Spread

Wheel of the Year Spread

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