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Kelle.Kelle's Crystal Healing

To the Crystal Forum.

Hello! If we haven't met, my name is Kelle. Welcome to the Crystal Healing section of Angel Paths. This section is a work in progress, an ongoing commentary on crystals - a combination of ten years practice and my ever-developing experience.

Looking back now, it is easy to identify the synchronistic moments that led me here. I am very blessed to have met many extraordinary people that collected, mined, sold and worked with stones.

Around 1996 I came to Angel Paths, where I found a loving group of people dedicated to healing. A little afterwards, I began to work with the Healing Team. Occasionally my posts included information on crystals and, finally, on one fateful morning, Jan said "We had an idea...Kelle?!"

Stones, Gems & Crystals

I believe that stones/gems/crystals are a gift from the Earth, that contain, concentrate, and transmit energies which are beneficial for vibrational healing; that they are partners in bringing about personal transformation.

I have found that working with stones is very much like working with the Tarot: information is readily available concerning their "meanings" and "definitions" and magical uses, but we only truly get to know them by experiencing them. I therefore highly encourage you to decide for yourself.

The very best way to know a stone is simply to hold it, attune to its vibrations, and listen to your own intuition. I hope that you will share your experiences with stones on the Crystal Forum so that we may learn together.

There are hundreds of years of wisdom left to us by stone magicians and what would now be called gem therapists. It is my goal to share my own knowledge and experiences with you, so that you may see for yourself how easy and rewarding it is to work with stones.

You are here with me, at yet another synchronistic moment!

- Kelle, March 2003


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To the Crystal Forum.

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