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Kelle's Crystal Healing

Tarot and Crystal Associations

Journey, trust in the Universe, the child-within, new beginnings
Blue lace agate

Magician - Consciousness, Conscious mind, directing the will
Clear quartz, opal

High Priestess - Intuition, subconscious, dreams, the bridge between our conscious and Higher selves
Pearl, azurite, chalcedony

Empress - Fertility, nurturance, unconditional love, looking at the world as web of relationships
Rose quartz, chrysoprase, morganite, turquoise

Emperor - Structure, order, rules, protector and provider

Hierophant - Librarian, keeper of knowledge, matters of faith, religion, belief and morality
Lapis, sugilite, diamond

Lovers - Relationship, love
Pink tourmaline, emerald

Chariot - Motion, balancing opposing forces to work together

Lust / Strength - Courage, enthusiasm with the whole life process
Garnet, ruby

Hermit - Integrity, finding one’s own way, self-knowledge
Sodalite, sapphire, blue tourmaline

Wheel of Fortune - Cycles, pattern, luck
Tigers eye

Adjustment / Justice - Evaluation, balance, Karmic law

Hanged Man - Altered consciousness

Death - Transformation, sweeping away of the past black

Art / Temperance - Balance, the union and harmonization of opposites

Devil - Shadow self, instinctual urge

Tower - Cataclysmic force, explosion of false self
Boji stones

Star - Renewal, healing, hope
Meteorites, celestite

Sun - Healing, happiness
Sunstone, topaz

Moon - Natural cycles and rhythms
Moonstone, Selenite

Aeon / Judgment - Re-Evaluation, the consequences of your actions

Universe / World - Accomplishment, reward for our earlier efforts infinite,

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