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Three of CupsThe Three of Cups

Ah - the Lord of Abundance is one of my very favourite cards! It nudges me to consider, in the hurly burly of life, the vast wellspring of love and nourishment from which we all arise.

This card is about rare and eternal love - the kind that makes no demands, places no expectations, and imposes no conditions. For me personally, this love flows from the Mother of the Universe - for you, the name by which you call it may be different, but the source remains the same.

This inrushing power and force is available to all of us, if we give it the opportunity to flow into our lives. It reshapes our perspective, strengthens our resolve and nurtures us through even the most demanding of periods. It brings serenity, exhilaration, passion and contentment into life, by its simple presence.

So here's a little exercise to open yourself out and let the love flow in. This works at any time at all...whenever you try it. And remember this always....the most important time to try this exercise is when you feel lost, wounded, sad and alone.

Sit down and make yourself comfortable. Give your shoulders a roll around to rid them of tension and open out your chest area. Now steady your breathing....make it easy and calm. This will encourage you to relax just a little more.

When your body feels as comfortable as you can get it to, concentrate your attention on the area right in the middle of your chest. Breathe in, keeping your attention on that centre spot. Then as you breathe out, imagine that you see a flower opening its petals, right there, in that spot. Draw in breath again, and allow it to flow into the unfurling flower. If you want to, as you breathe in you can repeat the affirmation....

Please try this little exercise...even if you are sceptical! I can guarantee you the results will startle you!!!

Affirmation: The Universe welcomes and embraces me.

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