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Three of DisksThe Three of Disks

The Lord of Works indicates concentrated effort applied with great determination and diligence to a situation requiring your whole attention.

This is a card that often comes up to mark the achievement of goals in your working area, and teaches attainment through effort. It advises you to keep the pressure up so that you maintain momentum, and to pay attention to detail.

It will sometimes appear in a reading to reveal a period where you concentrate all your thoughts and aspirations on one target, and then channel all your energies into that project, to the exclusion of all else. Sometimes people do this in order to avoid facing emotional pain and distress. It's worth looking for evidence of this when the 3 of Disks comes up. Whilst it can be useful in the short-term to achieve something when you feel hurt, it can often be very damaging if you continue to hide from your own feelings.

The Lord of Works indicates high levels of professional ambition, and promises the drive and confidence to achieve these. There's a good deal of dynamic energy attached to the card, and this is usually well-harnessed and put to good use.

Take the 3 of Disks as a largely positive card, which shows that hard work and concentration can eventually gain you your highest objectives. But it's important to remember that you need to be fully focused on the project in hand, allowing nothing to get in the way.

Working with the Three of Disks

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