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Five of DisksThe Five of Disks

The Lord of Worry is most aptly titled, for when this card comes up in a reading, there looks to be financial, material or domestic trouble on the horizon. Something poses a threat to your overall security. This might be an unexpected expense, or job worries, or maybe even a disturbance in your family life.

There will always be something to worry about, when the 5 of Disks comes up. But there's one important thing to bear in mind - whatever is causing the problem is much more of a threat than it is a reality. Worrying about it might just make it worse than it needs to be!

When the Lord of Worry is about, anxiety is the emotion of the moment. We look to the future and we see something nasty ahead. Then we sit and worry about it. Try to remember - what you put your attention on grows. So if you worry about your overdraft, it will get bigger! That's not, of course, to say you should not do all you are able to DO, in an awkward situation - just that once you have, there's no point in worrying about it.

Sometimes we go through a stage in our lives where we feel as though, whatever good comes to us, it is bound to be undermined and darkened by negativity and sadness, that we cannot help but be disappointed. Yet just by holding that view, we invite negativity in, to add to the real problems we already had.

It isn't easy to try to be accepting and positive and trusting when life is giving us a hard time - but accept we must, if we don't want to make things worse!

So - the 5 of Disks indicates a possible threat to our security. It is important not to feed that possibility with our own fear. Fear is a powerful emotion. It can rule if we let it. When this card comes up, remember that disturbance is possible - not probable. Do all you can to avert it.

Working with the Five of Disks

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