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This is a collection of frequently asked general questions that often arise when thinking about Tarot, spirituality and magick.

The Card of the Day

How do you draw the Card of the Day? Is it just for me or for everyone out there? How does it work? Jan's reply

Tarot Ethics, History, Philosophy and Spirituality

How does Tarot work? Jan's reply.

How do you know when you are "good enough" to consider going professional?  

Should you charge for Tarot readings? Jan's reply.

Prediction or self-fulfilling prophecy? Jan's reply.

Cards coming up all the time and flying out in front of you or appearing randomly wherever you go. Jan's reply.

Are there any bad cards in the Tarot? Jan's reply.

I really wanted to know your opinion on Alistair Crowley. I noticed that you use his Thoth deck in your tarot web site. Jan's reply.

Crowley, the Thoth Deck and reversed cards. Jan's reply.

About Deciding to Get a Reading, and using what it  tells you

How do you choose the "right" reader?

What do you do if you just do not understand what is in your reading?

Beginning to learn the Tarot

Choosing the right Tarot deck for you. Jan's reply

What about this idea that you should never buy your own Tarot deck?

How do you interpret reversed cards? Jan's reply.

How do you shuffle the cards properly? Jan's reply.

Looking after your cards. Jan's reply.

Different Tarot Decks

Why do some decks have Courts that are King Queen Knight Page and others (including the Thoth) have Courts  Knight Queen Prince Princess - and can you directly transpose one meaning to the other?

Does using a new and different  Tarot deck make a change to the way you read?

Reading tarot with Jan.
Click here for real tarot readings by a real person - Jan!

Tarot readings include:

Looking for Love Spread

What should I do?

3-card past present future

General Elipse

Spiritual Mandala

"The Works" Spread

Wheel of the Year

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