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The Huggy Healing Team

It’s hard to say how many cases the Angel Paths Healing Team has dealt with since its initial inception backing the late 90’s - I stopped trying to count a long time ago. We’ve worked with all kinds of trauma and trouble over the years…..from terrible physical injuries to heart-rending emotional situations. We’ve seen miracles, and tragedies, remarkable recoveries and painful departures. And the Team itself has grown into a living, breathing entity, which hopefully acts as a beacon for the lonely, a lifebelt for the drowning, and a pathway to freedom, good health and happiness for many of the people who contact us.

Like most things at Angel Paths, the Team happened almost by accident. We had already started up online forums, where a bunch of like-minded people talked about anything and everything. Drawn by the overall atmosphere of warmth and ease, people began to come to the general forums to talk about problems they were experiencing. It became apparent that I was not the only person with a strong interest in working with others, in a healing and advisory context.

I talked with the other regular posters who responded so empathetically to messages asking for help. Some of us already had well-developed healing skills, which we wanted to put to best use….and so the Angel Paths Healing Team was born.

We started up the Huggy Healing Forum where people could come specifically to ask for help during times of trouble. And for those individuals who wanted to keep their requests private, we began to accept healing requests by email as well. Some cases are fairly transient and soon resolved - other people on the lists we work with for literally years.

Gradually our numbers swelled. The Team took on a life and personality of its own. Whilst we continued to invite people with established absent healing skills, we also recognised (by watching the responses on the Healing Forum) that there were quite remarkable people out there with no formal healing training, but with a remarkable ability to see inside the heart of other people’s suffering, and offer useful, loving observations and suggestions. They too were incorporated into the Team, and each of them has developed a method of offering up positive and empowering energy for those we work with.

I think the reason the Healing Team works as well as it does is because it is made up of a group of very different personalities. Whilst, largely, we tend to share the same overall aims, we have many different sets of experiences, viewpoints and attitudes. We each bring something completely unique to the final mix. We are honest with each other, appreciative of each other and respectful of our varied talents. Between us we contribute the multiple facets that emerge as the many-headed creature which is the Team.

In the early days, I generally was the person who selected potential Subscribers and invited them to join. But it became apparently that we had amalgamated so completely that it was time for us all to make our suggestions, voice our opinions and determine who we wanted to incorporate and when.

If you want to see the Team in action, you’ll find them on our Huggy Healing Forum:


And if you want our help for any reason, please contact me on jan@angelpaths.com.

Jan Shepherd

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