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Death This is a card which contains within it great dynamism, strength and power. Often, when it comes up, it indicates a period where we feel we have struggled through a difficult and demanding time, battling against long odds to achieve the things that we need out of life. It does confirm that we have emerged victorious, though we may feel a bit battered and weary.

So in one sense the Chariot marks the time of respite and peace after the battle is won. But it indicates something else very important too. After every battle, once we have rested and recuperated, it becomes necessary to begin a new flow of energy - we have to clean up the debris of the struggle, plan our next move, determine the direction we intend to move in now.

But when the Chariot emerges it indicates something else as well - as a result of the difficulties and struggles now at an end, we shall need to change some of the features of our lives. So it also indicates big changes, and promises that these will be beneficial and rewarding, bringing further triumph and success with them.

So on a day ruled by the Chariot, allow yourself a big sigh of relief, and know that recent problems are coming to an end. Then consider what might be left to be finished up with regard to those events. And once you've done that, turn your face to the future and decide what would be the best new direction for you.

Try to think through each step of this new impulse, so that your plans are carefully laid. It's important now to pay close attention to detail, because once these changes begin, life will be moving very fast indeed and there will be no room for catching up on things (I write this sighing somewhat, because I'm already having trouble keeping up with the speed of my life at the minute ;-).

Affirmation: I move through life triumphantly.

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