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Fortune As the wheel of life turns, and we struggle to get to grips with it, gradually we learn the trick of getting things to go our way. Often we interpret this as luck - though we each make our own luck in life - good and bad! Fortune holds the secret of learning to harness the positive forces in life and to turn these to our advantage.

The very first thing we have to accept is that what we send out is what we get back - its form may be slightly altered, but it remains the fruit of our initial seeding thought. The next thing we have to accept is that good fortune is limitless - you don't take it from somebody else by receiving it yourself. There's more than enough abundance to go around in this Universe. And finally, you have to open yourself to receive your share.

Often we don't like to do this, for fear of disappointment or disillusionment. If we put our hopes on something and it doesn't materialise, does that mean we aren't 'good enough'? Rather than face that dichotomy, we often shut our minds altogether, with the result that we don't get the things we want and need.

A day ruled by Fortune is one in which miracles should happen. It's a day to wish with all your heart for the things you need, and then trust that as they fly out into the Universe they take shape, and prepare to return to you.

Be alert to chance meetings, opportunities and quirky happenings on this day. Fate has a funny way of re-arranging things. Be open to receiving things that come as open-hearted gifts. And do the affirmation very often!!

Affirmation: Great wealth, good health and happy fortune now flow into my life.

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