19th May 2018
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We stock a wide range of jewellery pieces in the shop.  Most of these are designed incorporating mythical and magickal symbolism, so are very unusual pieces of jewellery in their own right.   However, if you choose to, you can also empower a piece to attract specific influences and effects into your life.  There's a simple empowerment ritual available here.

All Briar Gemstone pendants are set with a genuine gemstone and are in hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver, some with added enhancement of gold plating. Based on sacred symbols and ancient scripts, these exquisite pendants will bring abundance, radiance and prosperity to your life.  Today, we are looking at Quintessence:

Quintessence brings us spiritual insight.   This stunning piece attempts to encapsulate the concepts of all Elemeants as synthesised into a perfect harmonic balance.  The Pentagram consists of five points - one for each Elem,ent and the fifth for spirit or light.  In this amulet the pentagram is surrounded by 5 gold-plated 6-pointed stars, indicating the magickal concept "That which is above, so shall it be below".   At its heart is set a garnet.  Garnet quite simply brings out the best in us, and in our approach to life. It drives up our awareness, making us much more responsive and adaptable; at the same time, it increases our magnetism, attracting to us those things we will treasure and appreciate.  It is a system booster, driving energy levels up in a smooth and steady fashion, increasing optimism and promoting positivity.  By building self-confidence and innovative thinking, it can bring success in the most unexpected ways.  It cleanses weak chakras, restoring them to full function, and thereby affecting most areas of physical well-being.  Because of its purifying effect it tends to increase and enhance one's commitment to truth, and to deepen heart-felt commitment.

All Briar Gemstone pendants are set with a genuine gemstone and are in hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver, some with added enhancement of gold plating. Based on sacred symbols and ancient scripts, the exquisite pendants will appeal to a wide range of people and will bring abundance, radiance and prosperity to your life. Mounted on a soft, black cord and presented with a rich, satin drawstring keepsake pouch, each Briar Gemstone comes with a leaflet explaining its meaning and how to attune to its natural energy. Remember that shipping is included in the price you see when you purchase anything from the Angel Paths Shop.

Card of the Day.

Today's Card of the Day is  the Nine of Cups:

Card of the Day.
The Northern Shadows

This is a lovely card, known as Lord of Happiness. It talks about a sense of inner fulfilment and bliss, which radiates outward to touch everybody with whom you come into contact.

At a spiritual level, we're talking about inner harmony, contentment and tranquillity - an appreciation of the High Powers, feeling at one with the Universe. This feeling leads to feeling that we are blessed by life.

On an everyday level, the card will often come up to mark periods of high achievement, and the resulting sense of pleasure and satisfaction. It will also come up to acknowledge joy and happiness in an emotional relationship.

When this card appears in your reading, it's important to make the time to simply enjoy your own feelings, to revel in your sense of calmness and joy.

Today's Affirmation is:
Life fills me with wonder and light.

The Power of Positions
What to do (Instruction)
Many readings have a position that tries to provide solutions to the questions posed when a querent has a reading done.  The ellipse spread has a “what to do” position for example.  Some cards can be very awkward to interpret in this position, whereas others are blindingly obvious.  This section aims to explore what to do with a card that turns up in the “what to do” position ;-)

Nine of Cups
Ah – a happy card to appear in this position because it exhorts the querent to gather up the strongest dream, the brightest hope that they hold within them, and place flesh on its bones.   No wispy imaginings will do here.   Rather, we must strive to imagine in the most real way possible that our dream is here – made manifest – in this very moment.   Each special detail needs colouring with a full spectrum of joy and happiness.  And then when all is perfect just let it fly away from you, shimmering with longing.  That is what to do when the 9 of Cups appear.

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