22nd October 2008
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The clarity stone, sodalite, clears away mental confusion, particularly the sort accompanied by painful negative emotions such as shame, guilt or fear.   It makes it easier to see to the heart of things.  Come in a drawstring organza bag for ease of carrying. See all our Tumblestones here.


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Tarot or Angel Cards?
by leeka :

I have both sets of cards, i did a reading for myself last week using my Angel cards & i loved the reading, as i always do, but when i do a reading from my Tarot cards i do get worried when they will say lol.
I have found with the Angel cards, you never really get anything bad, but with the Tarot cards i often get bad lol, as in the tower & quite often the 10 of swords.

I was wondering which you like to use & why are they so different?
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Card of the Day.

Today's Card of the Day is The Knight of Disks. SAMPLE ONLY

Here's Jan:

Card of the Day.
The Tarot of White Cats. See more cards in this deck and read a review of this deck, and buy it.

With the Knight of Disks we see a man who is deeply committed to practical matters in life - work, career, home and family are his major spheres of influence. He is diligent, hard-working and pays great attention to detail.

His progress in life is a steady, sure development of ongoing projects, which he works through with great industriousness and perseverance. Not for him, risky schemes, nor extravagant business deals. He moves with caution and circumspection, consolidating each step forward before taking the next one.

Some would consider him dull and boring - others would call him prudent and reliable.

The card often comes up to represent a quiet man, whose approach to life is measured and calm. However it's as well not to be taken in by the sturdy exterior. Disks males have a capacity for deep and boundless passion - they just don't shout too loudly about it. Whilst life with him may not be a roller-coaster ride, you will surely know what to expect, and what you can count on.

He makes an excellent business partner, particularly for the high-flyer, because he introduces forethought and pre-planning. He's a faithful and dependable partner, and a committed father.

Today's Affirmation is:
Effort brings reward.

This is the first part of Jan's exploration of the Tarot cards. For the second installment, go here:

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