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Reading tarot with Jan.
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Tarot readings include:

Looking for Love Spread

What should I do?

3-card past present future

General Elipse

Spiritual Mandala

"The Works" Spread

Wheel of the Year

  Tarot Card of the Day   Jan's Guide to the Tarot  
    Hugely popular Tarot card page - what is it today and what does it mean for you? Includes affirmations.     All 78 cards covered here with pictures, Working With each card, affirmations. Available to buy.  
  Frequently Asked Question about Tarot.   Tarot Deck Collection
    An ever-growing list of the most frequently asked questions on Tarot.     Pictures of every card in as many decks as possible - growing weekly.
  Tarot spreads   Learning the Tarot
    Sample layouts of many spreads, along with interpretation guides.     An ever-growing area dedicated to helping newcomers to the Tarot. Elemental Suits. Numerology etc.
  Sample readings   Tarot deck reviews  
    A collection of readings by Jan using the Seven Card Ellipse Spread.     Reviews of many decks - we gladly accept your own reviews too!  
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    Auras, Protection Rituals and Clairaudience.     Angel Paths links to our favourite websites.  
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