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We appreciate every single one of these messages of support and thanks. THANK YOU.

"I love the new look of your newsletter!! Good job!! I am not a reader, but just enjoy hearing about the cards and funny stories from you subscribers! I just wanted to give you a "pat on the back"!! :-) Thanks!!" Felicia

"Hi : Thanks I enjoy your card readings every day. They are so informative and help me make many decisions. Thanks. Keep up the good work" Dot

"Out of Sight! I have been enjoying your card of the day for over a year and have just recently checked out your forum, thanks to your request to e-mailing your server. What a spectacular find! Can't get enough of your web site. You provide a terrific service! Take care!" Jeff

"Dear Jan, I wanted you to know how much I enjoy the card of the day. It is so interesting how it relates to each day. I hope you can always continue with the great work you do. Best regards," Donna

"Just to let you know - you're doing a great job - and I love your explanations of the cards - thanks for the time and effort you put into this. Have a great day. Love & Light" Wends

"Jan, thank you so much for your great insights into the cards. I've been studying the Tarot on my own and have never found someone who has given me such in depth interpretations of the cards as you do. I have great difficulty in figuring out the story the cards are telling me. I read for a couple friends in order to gain more experience. I use the tarot as a tool for guidance and I also explain to my friends that it is not a tool to be exploited. I love it but I do need to learn lots more about it. You have really inspired me to do so. I just needed to let you know how much I appreciate the way you explain it and I hope that as I keep on striving for deeper understanding of this great gift that one day I will become as adept at it as you truly are! Thanks again, You're awesome! Blessings in your work always." Helen

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"You people are truly a force for the good in this world. Thank you for all the thought and energy that goes into your newsletters and the primal work of the interpretations. I have found my thinking and understanding of life and events profoundly affected - for the good - since I began receiving your newsletters. I think that most people who have been interested in the philosophical Tarot - at least in the last 30 + years - have been influenced by the Waite's version/s of meaning and attitudes, and those of his illustrator. Your current work is moving on exponentially from that valuable but limited groundwork. May the Universe bless the internet! (I am sure it does)" Dina

"I just wanted to say how much I love this website and appreciate all the hard work you've put into it, it's at the very top of my list and I read the card of the day, every day. Thanks for making it available to us all.......... Regards" Tanya

"I have been unable to read my mail for some time and when I finally got back to the computer I discovered your pages. Your newsletter has a whole new look and I think it's just wonderful, great job from" skyeTo the Angel Paths Shop.

"Dear Angelpaths, I haven't written before, but now feel compelled to do so. I have been getting your messages for several weeks now and every one has been a gift from the God of the universe. Because the strifes and struggles of 50 years has been so significant and powerful in my life, there has been tremendous changes in my life in the past few weeks. I have been on a daily roller coaster continually (which is normal for me) but I have finally found the path I believe is my destiny. Your messages every day have given me the courage and hope to continue on in my journey with answers that I cannot even describe. I have applied your words and now know my life is about to turn around and be fruitful for the first time in my life. I am very grateful. Thank you for being here." Betty

"Hi , I have recently found your website and find that is has extremely helpful information. I read cards while in high school, I'm afraid not well. I then stopped and it seemed like I lost something from my being. I now just started reading them again & am researching their meanings to read them better and already feel a little more in tune with myself. this site gives better info than most books, thanks again!" ----Unicorn

"I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your site. You have done an excellent job making available so many wonderful resources on the Tarot. I will be teaching an online course on Tarot at the end of March for SmartPlanet (www.smartplanet.com) and I plan to refer students to study your site as part of the course. Thanks for a job so well done." Anthony Louis

"Liam, I have been receiving your news letter for quite some time now, and most importantly I first want to thank you for all your insight and discussions. I think it is truly amazing how you are able to answer so many of the questions I have in regards to learning the cards. Thanx a million. Thanx again," Brenda

"Dear Jan and Liam, I wanted to send you both a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy your daily mail messages. They help me stay involved in my tarot cards and they also broaden my perspectives on each card. Your interpretations are always thoughtful and written in an accessible, down-to-earth manner. I look forward to your messages each morning (I read my email while I drink my coffee and begin to focus on the day ahead) because they help set a more contemplative tone for my day. I teach at a high school in special education and often my days are hectic, emotional and packed with all sorts of unexpected crisis; I come home to a bright and active 12 year old pre-teen daughter who often has crisis of her own and in between family and work I try to squeeze in some quiet time for a life of my own! So, thanks again for your daily touches of sanity, they are much appreciated! Bright blessings," Diane

"Hi , my name is susan. I wish to tell you how much I enjoy receiving the card of the day and also the weekly readings. the interpretations of the cards are great and very insightful. I often go back and check them out and use them as a reference, especially if I have a challenging reading to do. thank you very much for your great service. I wish all that are a part of angelpaths my best and greatest regard." susan

"Hello there, I emailed you and your group last fall and you were kind enough to send prayers on my behalf. Once again, thank you. I wanted to drop you a line today for a different matter though. Almost every day I drop in on your "card of the day" section. I wanted to let you know that I love your interpretations. There hasn't been one time when I haven't been inspired by the deep wisdom you share with us. Never before have I seen the Tarot's interpreted with such love and inspiration. Thank you once again. I hope you can always keep up the site." Celine

"you would not believe how your card of the day reflects my life, it's just amazing. it's to the point where I have to get back and say wow..." Tom : )

"Liam I would like to take the time for a quick note of thanks for all the hard work you put into the ng. I enjoy going over the cards of the day and have learned so much. Keep up the great job !!" Luci

"Dearest Liam~being, I so enjoy my daily goodie from you :) your interpretations make my heart sing & I am learning lots about what I thought I knew a lot about already! always a student! May your holiday hold a lot that makes your tummy chakra say Yummmmmmm :) Namaste, In truth we are light as we are One!" Deona

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"Hi ! I just wanted to thank you. I stumbled across your web site accidentally. I 'd been recently getting into tarot readings and stuff. However, most of them were so negative. I just wanted to say that by reading the card of the day and doing the affirmation, I always feel so much better. I don't know if this stuff actually works, but I know I look at the world in a more positive way and no matter what happens, I am able to be grateful for my day. I also wanted to say, I read some of the ghost/supernatural stories and they really helped me... because something tells me there is more to us than what we can perceive and it's nice to know there are people out there who have experienced it. I also wanted to say that I appreciate that your web site is so positive. Thanks." R.M

"this is a fabulous site!!!!! So much information I have been looking for. Found other sites out there but not as true and honest as yours. It is positive and beautiful area of information. Thankyou so much for your time and effort to put out a site like this. I have recently began to work with this part of my life again. Along with the fact that I have a recently new friend, she is searching in the same direction, how wonderful I have found you. Again, THANKYOU! Blessings," Teresa(luna)

"Dear Angel Paths, I am very impressed by the explanations on your web site for various tarot cards. Are these explanations written by Jan Shepherd, and if so, does she have a book on the market with her explanations in them? [Not yet!!] Or were the explanations written by someone else? [Nope all written by Jan] I would be interested to know if such information has been compiled in book form, and the name of the title, if such a book exists. Thank you for your lovely web site--it is quite positive and inspiring." ~Diane

"I think that your work is absolutely wonderful. I am a writer my self. I love to write my thoughts, and dreams down.. I would love to read more." Debra

"I felt it would be right of me to drop you a note on how much I enjoy reading the daily newsletter. Somehow they always cheer me up, especially when I have similar questions about the card or deck. Thanks a lot and continue the good work." Kilashandra

"Hi Jan, Just want to say thanks a lot for your very quick reply to my question regarding the Knight of Cups, that I sent to you on FrI ., Oct. 20/00. I must say that I was quite shocked to see my question in your Newsletter on Mon., Oct. 23/00. Your answer was very informative as I was unaware of Telluric Energy. I plan on researching it now though ....Again, thanks a lot to you all there for your great work on this site." Marie

"Dear Jan and Liam: I just returned from Florida and the bedside of my Mother. She died 1/2/01. How wonderful to get back home and read the card of the day was the Empress -- fitting, isn't it? Thanks for your wonderful insights -- please keep up the good work. If there's anything I can ever do to lend a hand, just let me know." Nan

"Hello I have been on the list for a while and I had to write today Thank you for your guidance, you clarify the Tarot for me very much I have been a Tarot medium for several lifetimes I am less aware of it in this one but the Tarot is very good to me always The cards of the day are so right on with what has been going on with me, every single day, it is hard not to be a little queasy sometimes and your messages illuminate my life So this is who I am Sincerely" Lydia M Andrus

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