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"Just a note to say WOW. I've been getting the Card of the Day for a while and really enjoy it. Although I don't care for the Thoth deck. But the Colour Harmonics Section is fabulous. I happened on it while surfing your site and enjoyed it thoroughly! Thanks" Chris

"Just want to let you know that you have a great website. I love it a lot.Keep up the great work." Chris

"I found you guys through a friend. she sent me your site. how she found you I have no idea...but I enjoy my daily card a lot, if you only knew how accurate you are most of the time, I enjoy hearing from you everyday..." Tom : )

"It was not by accident that I found this site. I was looking for something like it. I am rather happy I did get to find it. I love the site and the people are even nicer. Thanks so much for having this one up and running. I visit every day. Love and Light," Jen

"Hello Angels: I found you when I typed in "Alistair Crowley". Every day I am glad I did. You are amazing teachers. Thank you, "Fannie

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"I searched the internet for tarot sites and chose your site because I liked the name. I'm really glad I did because it's a wonderful site. I have learned a lot about tarot. Thanks so much for all the effort you've all put in this site and for sharing all this wonderful information!" Donanena

"I typed in the keywords: Emperor's new clothes by Sinead O'Connor...and your site appeared...it was a miracle! I love your site!!!!" LB

"Hi , I agree with everyone in saying that your sight is wonderful and I found your site by doing a search and I typed in the word Tarot and I got your site that way. I have been hooked ever since. Thankyou" Julie

"I was searching for affirmations!! A while ago! I bookmarked your site and came back much later and fell in love with it! I've even checked out some of the links to your site and have been having a lot of fun!! Thanks so much for your site!! It's fun on good days and inspiring on darker days!! keep up the good work!" Donna

"Just to letcha know. I found you by typing in 'tarot readings'. I was looking for you :). Thanx so much for the time spent in sending the daily cards and periodic msgs. The cards I need to learn about are always either already in my e-mails, or come with in a few days; and I love that! You've been a great help in assisting me with understanding the tarot messages. Luv&Lite," Brenda

"I have been a reader for quite awhile. I am 48 When I first observed your site I loved the logo and the teaching that you have to offer. the reader which I saw on the contest. was just right on. I loved the spirit in which flows within the pages of it. Thank you for allowing me to see your site. I would rate with love a A+. amen." Latefa

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"I wanted to let you know : 1. How much I LOVE your site - I check it every day for inspiration, meditation, and general good feeling. 2. Your card illustrations are beautiful - so ethereal. When distressed, I love to look at your cards while regaining my focus, my balance. 3. I have recommended your site to so many of my friends, who love the illustrations, your words which say exactly what we need (positive or negative), and the meditations are used so much. Our workplace is very stressful - so to have a break from this tension, with your site, is frankly, a lifesaver! I applaud you for your work as it is very very very appreciated and well-taken. We do not read your insights lightly. So today, I wanted to let you know how much you brighten our day and also that we appreciate and thank you so very much!!! Please don't stop having this site!!!!! Thank you!!!!" Vicki

"Hi There, I've been enjoying your site for sometime now, esp. the Card of the Day. I was just now looking at an astrological calendar in order to get some indication what might be a good day to initiate a decision, which is 95% made. Then I follow an inner prompting to check the COTD... and I come across AEON. Perfection. Synchronicity. Thank you for being part of it, and for sharing your wisdom of the tarot with others [including me :) ]" Sylvia

"Dear Angel Liam........I LOOOOOVE your newsletter and would never cancel! I look forward to it every day and think your daily Card of the Day is super good! The interpretation of the cards is so interesting and helpful.....gives such insight and understanding to the cards! I collect beautiful decks and do readings for friends and other people who love the Tarot as much as I do......get paid for it too, for doing something that I would do for nothing!!!!( I don't tell THEM that, though!) Keep this good stuff coming....... More Love and Hugs..........Sincerely," SuzannTo the Angel Paths Shop.

"I take this moment in a busy busy day to reflect and advise that my days go smoother when I have the card of the day. I wish to thank Liam, Jan and all others involved in Angel Paths for all their hard continuous work to keep so many Subscribers happy. Thanks so much." Cheryl

"Dear Liam, Thank you for your daily cards. It has been very helpful to me and at this point of utter chaos I could use all the help sent my way. You are doing something very positive for someone very overwhelmed and losing ground. Thank you, thank you very much." Tracy

"I'm only a very recent member but I already feel like I belong. I love my Angelpaths letters and the cards that have come up have been so helpful. Many, many thanks Much love" Valerie

"I magically happened onto your site this evening. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It's EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" DW

"Absolutely love the monthly calendar! Fantastic addition to one of my favorite sites! Keep up the good work! Love," Carol

"Just a note (all the way from the mountain tops of Idaho) to let you know what a blessing your website has been to my life. I have been especially comforted and guided by your card-a-day feature and Jan's beautiful (and very profound) descriptions of the cards' meanings. Thank you so much for all the work you do, and for spreading love and understanding in the world." Diane

"In mid summer 1999 I sent a request to asking for support as I faced a very uncertain job situation. I have lost me main source of income in 1995 due to a back biting woman who walked on me to get ahead on the corp ladder. Thanks to this group's support and prayers I have recovered my financial well being (translation I GOT A JOB!) while I knew prayer would help, I tended to be skeptical since my prayers to that date had been unanswered. Now I am a true believer. Thank you for helping me find my faith." Lu

" Well I just visited this site for the first time and am completely surprised. I love this site because it is so entertaining. I joined the free Tarot Reading List and I hope SSOOOOOO much that I will get picked. I will be sure to continue visiting this fantastic website often and one more thing...keep up the good work!!!!" PT

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"Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your website very much. If you are looking for any new additions to your poetry section, please let me know. Thank you," Angel

"Hello there! I just wanted to drop a note of thanks to you. I have been checking your site daily for some time, and it has prompted me to study the Tarot in depth. The wisdom and insight I have gained through my studies is incredible. I feel that the Tarot has changed the course of my life for the better, and I have your wonderful site to thank for it! You have my continuous gratitude and support. I love little Flash as well. All the best to all of you. Thank you," Christa

"I totally enjoyed your site! thank you so much!" kris

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"Dear everyone at AngelPaths, I am sure you receive many, many e-mails congratulating everyone there on the excellence of this website. I just could not let the opportunity pass to add myself to the list. Your site is fantastic, offering loads of substantive and enlightening information all presented in a clean, beautiful and easy to navigate format. I hope Jan, Liam and everyone else who contributed to the creation of this site take a few moments each day to really feel proud of this work. I have only just begun to study Tarot and finished my first three-month course on the Major Arcana two weeks ago. We have formed a small group here and meet weekly to study. Our next path will be into the Minor Arcana. Upon finding your site today, I spent around four hours reading about each card in the Major and Minor Arcanas. They were excellent. In addition to congratulating you on this site, I thank you all for the hours of learning and growth it has provided me. Thank you, and again, CONGRATULATIONS" Traci

"Today has been the brightest day I have had in a while. Sometimes if you wish for things enough and truly believe that you deserve them they will come to you. I cannot believe this website! I have been studying and practicing Tarot for 5 years now purely for myself and my friends and I believe that the story that the cards tell are so pure and devoid from everyday hang ups that they tell the story of a persons life unbiasly. I am waiting for the day that I will be able to read my own cards to satisfaction. It was a thrill to discover this website for the first time as it would be good to communicate with other people who understand the cards. The only other person that I have met in my 25 years who understands was my teacher and since then no one. I am far away from her now and it is good to talk to others who follow similar paths. The icing on the cake of a perfect day Yeha Fare Well" Tahlia

"What a WONDERFUL web site!! So glad a friend sent me your site. You should be very proud of it! Keep up the great work!! I've been here for over 2 hours and it seems like minutes, and there is still so much more to see. As a spiritual/metaphysical person,I sometimes get lost in the everyday stuff, getting very unfocused. Your card of the day "Death" really struck home for me...Change, after being a widow for almost 6yrs. it's time to make a change and move forward in life!! Change is always difficult." Sherry

"Hi ! A few months ago Jan did a reading for me (I was a free reading winner), and I've been meaning to let you know how astonishingly accurate her interpretation turned out to be. I love your site, I try to check the card of the day as frequently as I can, and I love the affirmations that go with them. Helps make the tarot a very useful tool! (And Flash is a great cat!)" Marybeth

"Hi there, Just wanted to drop a note to say I really appreciate the "Card of the Day" page. I've been working with the Thoth deck for a few years now, and it's nice to find the insights you provide. Kudos for a job well done. Peace," Heidi

"Hi , My name is Diana and I just recently found your site. It is remarkable and I enjoy it very much." Diana

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