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Introduction to Colour Harmonics
- The Art of Healing with Colour

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OK I’ve been threatening you with this for a while now, the colour information is about to arrive. Let me tell you a little about the history of this material. The Colour Harmonics Foundation trained colour analysts and therapists throughout the 90’s, using the training material I’m wading my way through now editing and preparing for web. The Foundation was closed down in the late 90’s but the training material remained, gathering dust on my hard drive.

Then a few months before the time of writing this (November 2005) I suddenly decided I wanted to put the whole body of material out on the web for those people who find colour as fascinating as I do.

I do not now train analysts and therapists any more. Angel Paths and the Healing Team have taken up the space that the CHF once fitted into. But that does not mean that this material might not be infinitely valuable to those of you who take the time to study it.

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Fractal image by Joey Cutri

I know the use of colour and an understanding of its effects has immeasurably enriched my life experience. If it can do the same for you so much the better.

The courses were linear in nature – you had first to learn to understand how colour affects us all, how it touches our lives, how one colour works with another colour. I haven’t yet decided whether to put all the analysis info onto the site….I’m not necessarily sure whether there is a demand for it….but I guess we’ll find that out as you start to see the material.

The second course was the meaty therapy course. It contains intensive information about chakras, the aura and colour.

I think it is probably wise to remain with that format, since it was one that worked with students very effectively. Let me stress to you though that there is no current intent to resurrect the Foundation….therefore there is no available certification.

There is a colour harmonics forum on the site already. I’m happy to discuss colour matters there.

This material was written by me during the three years leading up to the opening of the Foundation in August 1988, and is all copyright to me. It may not be reproduced elsewhere without my express written permission.

I have to say this is very much an experimental work in progress, so I m definitely looking for thoughts, observations and the like. And I’m happy to look at ideas for changing the format if you feel improvements can be made….but be warned…the more it needs changing, the longer it will take to get out there ;-)

Let us know what you think.

Loadsa love

Part One - What Light Illuminates

Part Two - Light, Vibrations and Us

Part Three - Concepts about Light and Colour

Part Four - White

Part Five - Black

Part Six - Red

Part Seven - Yellow

Part Eight - Orange

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