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Things you need to know about the Celebration of Love 2015

This year’s Celebration of Love takes place on Sunday 26th April.  People celebrating this day are based all over the world, and we say to all of them:  “The Celebration begins in the morning when you get up, and lasts right the way through till the end of the night.”   This helps to avoid complications caused by time zone differences, and gives us all several hours to plan our days.  Remember, the important thing here is that you celebrate with all your heart.  It does not matter whether you choose to work a “formal” ritual, or whether you want to celebrate by enjoying the glory of Nature, or the blessings of close family, or by pampering yourself all day.   It is the fact that you do anything you do in the name of Love that will add your energies and good wishes to those of every other participant.

To my knowledge we have 11 groups of people gathering together to set this Celebration at the heart of their days so far.   And then there are all the sole participants and couples who also choose to join in.  If you are planning to come together with others to share in the joy do please let me know – you can email me here, or post on the Facebook page

The Celebration of Love is always booked on a “rising” Moon – that is between New and Full Moon.  In this case the Moon will go New in Aries on the 18th April.   By the time we get to the 26th it has moved as far as Leo.  Both of these are forward-looking and determined signs, both forceful energies that will bear our message out into the world with a bang.  

When it comes to doing things like preparing decorations for your house, getting candles ready to burn on the day, preparing your own loose incense and so on, these activities will generally carry greater weight if performed after the Moon has gone New – so Sunday the 19th would be a great day to aim at starting your preparations.  As for collecting together or buying the things you might need – rose scented incense sticks, general crafts materials, bath oil ingredients and so on – this can be done in advance of the 19th. One thing many of us do is read the Prayer either out loud or to ourselves every day from the New Moon.

Have a really happy and fulfilling day.

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