Tarot and Healing at Angel Paths.Jan's Guide to the Tarot.

.Jan's Guide to the Tarot

  Online Guide to the Tarot.    
    All 78 tarot cards are covered here ordered by Major Arcana and then Suits – Wands, Swords, Cups and Disks. Features the Thoth tarot deck. Learn more about the meanings of each card.     Ways to work with the energies of the Tarot, helping you to learn more about their application and interpretation. This can be used alongside the Tarot Card of the Day.  
  Tarot Affirmations.   Online Tarot Book.
    An introduction to affirmations - what they are, how to use them and what to expect to happen.     Jan's complete guide to the tarot available as a single downloadable file. It's the online version for you to browse through offline and even print out.
  Free Tarot resources.    
    Back to the massive resource area with the complete Guide to every Tarot card, spreads, FAQs, Deck reviews, Card of the Day...    
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